Sigappu Arisi (Red Rice) Mullu Murukku 200g

Sigappu Arisi (Red Rice) Mullu Murukku 200g


Order 100% Gluten Free Finger Millet Mixture and Other Millet Based SnacksOnline from Sweet Karam Coffee  Ingredients: Finger Millet (Ragi) Flour, Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Roasted Gram Flour, Asafoetida, Urad Dhal Flour, Garlic, Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder, Peanut, Roasted Gram Dal, Fresh Curry Leaves, Refined Oil, Salt.


The very mention of millets and you would have picturized jowar or jowar rotis in your mind. Well, it is one of the most popular, much-researched millet for weight loss. Due to jowar roti benefits, many grandmas prefer it over regular wheat rotis. Compared to rice and wheat, jowar has a high proportion of calcium. It also packs in a neat iron, protein, and fibre punch. Researchers have found that a typical sorghum wax is rich in policosanols which helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol.  Being a gluten-free grain, it is also much preferred by those who can’t tolerate wheat-based products.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 124 × 451 × 215 cm


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